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Welcome to Ki Martial Arts Academy. A Martial Arts Dojang that incorporates training of the mind and body – resulting in the development of well-balanced, skilled and assertive individuals. We do this by applying the beauty and finesse of Martial Arts to real life situations.

Martial Arts are a way of life, a life-long journey and our aim is to share our passion with the next generation of Martial Artists on this rewarding path.

Australia’s Premier ITF Taekwon-Do Academy


Children’s Program

At Ki Martial Arts Academy our Taekwon-do children’s program offers a fun and interactive self-defence class to help develop self-esteem, confidence, memory, concentration, leadership, teamwork, plus so much more. Children will gain knowledge on the principals and background of Taekwon-do that in-turn will teach them how to control and channel their energy to gain a more balanced temperament offering them a better chance to utilise their energies in a positive manner to all aspects of life.

Adult Program

Ki Martial Arts Academy Adult Program features the traditional side of Taekwon-do, it also incorporates self-defence and sparring skills, allowing your fitness and body condition to improve. The mental, physical and emotional aspects of training combine to assist any adult in their day to day life.

Elite Squad Program

Live your dream and receive specialised training, support and guidance. This unique and demanding program is available only at Ki Martial Arts Academy and is conducted in a safe, fun, intensive and highly skilled environment.
Come and join Sabum Alfio and current Australian ITF team members as they prepare for the World Cup and future world championships, begin your journey today.

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Alfio is the Chief Instructor and owner of Ki Martial Arts Academy.

He has been actively practising martial arts for over 33 years and has trained in the arts of Taekwon-do, Karate, Hap Ki Do, Muay Thai and Boxing

Martial Arts became and still are an obsession with Alfio.

Alfio is constantly training, reading and attending multiple seminars with the view of refining and expanding his knowledge and skill base.

He is also a strong believer in developing the mental side of the martial arts so that when incorporated with the physical benefits, helps build confident, disciplined and assertive individuals who are both mentally and physically strong, but also peaceful and respectful.

These are the attributes that, along with awe-inspiring technical skill, define Alfio and are what sets him apart from many others within the martial arts community and as a result, he is highly respected and is one of Australia’s most sought after instructor’s.

ITF World Cup 2018

25 – 30 September 2018

Sydney, Australia