Children’s Program

Would you like your child to learn how to deal with strangers and know what to do in an emergency?

How about having them develop important attributes such as self control, discipline, team work, good manners or confidence?

Our training program will help your child build on the above-mentioned foundations and instil focus, concentration and co-ordination.

Our classes are high energy and fun filled. Given our friendly and encouraging learning environment, your child will be comfortable and assured, learning at their own pace, whilst  staying active and keeping fit.

At Ki Martial Arts we work with your child as an individual to build them from the inside out, teaching them respect for themselves and respect for other people and their surroundings. We also give them the tools to set goals and be motivated to achieve them.

Our curriculum is based on developing and improving their technique, flexibility and overall martial arts knowledge, therefore your child has no time to get bored.

Our goal is to help your child be the best person they can be through the journey of martial arts and reward them with life skills and the ultimate achievement as a martial artist, humility.

This all eventually leads to our students attaining their black belt, signifying that they have become the best person they can be, a person that is mentally and physically strong, humble, confident and respectful, a pillar of society.

At Ki Martial Arts, our Black Belts are earned through hard work, dedication and overall development and are a reward, not a right of Martial Arts.