Martial Arts for Adults Program

Our adult martial arts classes are based on the traditional art of Taekwon-do as taught by the founder, General Choi Hong but also includes Hapkido self-defence, boxing and fitness.

At Ki Martial Arts Academy, our Adult martial arts classes focuses on improving overall functional muscular strength and tone, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness which also relieves stress.

Ki Martial Arts Academy prides itself on providing a family style environment allowing members to feel comfortable and confident to achieve and even surpass their initial goals under the guidance of one of Sydney’s best instructors and his fantastic student leadership team.

Our Adults martial arts program is open to beginners all the way up to black belts. We also offer additional specialty and advanced programs to those who wish to challenge themselves further improve their skill.


Taekwondo is widely recognised for its emphasis on robust and swift thrusts and kicks. To optimise one’s mobility and agility, adopting this course of action is highly recommended.

The Hapkido

Hapkido is a Korean martial art emphasising the self-defence application of dexterous techniques and circular movements.   It is optimal for individuals who are interested in learning effective self-defence techniques.


Within the vast array of martial arts disciplines, kickboxing stands out as a particularly thrilling and vigorous form. It is an excellent method to improve cardiovascular endurance and develop impressive skills. Acquire proficiency in martial arts under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

Techniques for Self-Defense in Adult Martial Arts Classes

Currently, ensuring safety is of paramount significance. Our self-defence training will instruct you on the techniques necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones in difficult situations. Our meticulously designed self-defence course will instil a sense of safety and confidence inside you.

Personalised Fitness Regimens

We acknowledge that each individual has their aspirations and wishes. Consequently, we provide customised training programs to ensure that your interaction with us is specifically designed to align with your distinct objectives. If you want overall physical fitness improvement or wish to engage in martial arts competitions, we can assist.

Convening of the class

Enroll in our flourishing martial arts community by registering for one of our collective classes. By becoming a member of a martial arts club, you get inspiration and motivation by engaging in training sessions with other people who have similar interests and goals.

Wellness and Physical Conditioning

We prioritise your well-being by providing comprehensive health support beyond martial arts instruction. Our adult martial arts classes include fitness and wellness components that enhance cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and endurance. Regarding health and fitness, we adopt a comprehensive perspective.

The Sixth-Round Belt and Rank System

We have devised a system of belts and rankings to provide people with a more structured approach to progress and development. As you advance in the corporate hierarchy, you will get recognition and rewards for your diligent efforts and increasing proficiency.

What are the Reasons to Choose KI Martial Arts?

If you want a adults martial arts institution that prioritises your growth as an adult, look no further than KI Martial Arts. Below are many compelling reasons to choose our martial arts school:

Experienced Staff:

Our instructors are highly skilled experts who are committed to helping you achieve success. After extensive training for several years, they have acquired a high level of expertise in their respective martial arts disciplines.

Advanced Infrastructure:

Acquire knowledge in a cutting-edge facility equipped with the most up-to-date educational resources. We ensure that all individuals may have a sense of safety and cleanliness in this environment.

Adjustable Timetables:

We recognise the challenges presented by our fast-paced lifestyles. We therefore provide a diverse range of adaptable class times, commencing in the early morning and concluding in the late evening. Due to our conviction that martial arts instruction ought to be within the means of all individuals, we have structured our pricing structure in a manner that ensures accessibility. Our prices are competitive and reasonable.

Positive Community:

Join our close-knit martial arts community that promotes values such as honour, self-discipline, and camaraderie. From the outset, you will get motivation and assistance.

Evidenced Achievement:

Our students have achieved national championships in martial arts competitions, attained black belts, and had notable enhancements in their sense of well-being and self-assurance.

Avoid delaying the beginning of your adult martial arts training. KI Martial Arts offers a versatile curriculum tailored to accommodate those seeking to acquire martial arts skills for self-defence, physical fitness, or cognitive development. To optimise your personal growth, promptly contact us so that we may arrange your first instructional session.