Rules and Regulations

  1. Bow – when entering or leaving the Dojang each student must bow, showing respect to the Dojan
  2. When greeting or addressing the instructor, you are to bow and address him as “Sir”. You must always answer with a “Yes Sir”
  3. Always offer both hands when accepting, passing and receiving paperwork etc from the instructor and senior black belts.
  4. Always offer both hands when shaking hands with the Instructor and senior belts.
  5. If arriving late, get changed into your uniform, walk up to and bow to instructor prior to joining the class
  6. Inappropriate behaviour such as swearing or offensive language is not permitted
  7. Take off your shoes when entering training hall.
  8. No one is allowed to teach without permission
  9. Official dobok (uniform) must be worn during class at all times (unless you are awaiting a uniform).
  10. Chewing gum or eating during classes is not permitted
  11. Your help in keeping the Dojang clean and tidy is highly appreciated
  12. Please inform new students to be aware of these rules


Remember the most important aspects of martial arts are discipline and respect for oneself and others.